I love that during a time when it’s trendy to have a cause, for Arise Box it’s more than just an afterthought. On top of that, it’s full of products that I’m actually excited to use!”
— blogger, Michelle For Good

What’s included with your subscription:


Get good

One Beautifully curated box that gives back

Every new season (winter, spring, summer, fall), you get an ethically curated box with 4-5 products that are making the world a better place. Everything you get is useable and does good so you can keep living with only things you love and use. 


Live good

Monthly videos to help you Live to the fullest

Listen in on once-a-month conversations with founder of Arise, Cassidy, and some super inspirational people. You’ll hear from amazing people talking about practical ways you can feel more confident in your own skin so you can set the world on fire!


give good

empowering human trafficking survivors

 Every box you buy, helps build care packages for human trafficking survivors. Because everyone deserves a string-free gift of love. Inside your Arise Box, you get a postcard designed BY a survivor so you can write encouragement TO a survivor.  


Together, we're changing lives. 

here's some of what we do


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