I love that during a time when it’s trendy to have a cause, for Arise Box it’s more than just an afterthought. On top of that, it’s full of products that I’m actually excited to use!”
— Michelle

Get Good

At the start of every new season, you get a themed box, lovingly curated with 4-5 do-good products to help you discover more ways to live a more conscious life. Every product must pass a strict "is it usable" test before it makes it to your doorstep so you can keep living with only things you love and use. 


give good

 Part of every box you buy, helps build care packages for human trafficking survivors. Our survivor care packages are part practical and part fun. Because everyone deserves a string-free gift of love. And inside every Arise Box, you get a postcard designed BY a survivor so you can write encouragement TO a survivor.  


Live good

 Your unique set of talents, passions, & experiences together make a huge difference in a way only you can. Whether you're learning about ethical shopping, sustainable lifestyle, going back to nature, or looking for ways to give back, we're obsessed with helping you do those things! Follow along on Instagram and our blog for down-to-earth ways to make your dream life your every day life.

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Together, we're changing lives. 

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