Your Coziness Arise Box is full of products that make the world better!

Learn how each item make an impact & shop the brands found in your Arise Box


Wheel-thrown vase

In your Fresh & Clean box you got a handcrafted vase that provides one week of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic from BeLove. 

About the makers of your vase: From it's start, Belove has been about more than selling beautiful things. Since March 2016 they've donated $13,865 to Water for Good to help provide clean water, $4,620 to support adoption aid grants, and $4,620 to help rescue women from the sex slave trade. 



Organic all-purpose home cleaner

In your spring box you got an organic, vegan, cruelty free cleaner. To use it, add one table spoon of soap flakes into a squirt bottle, add water and shake. 

About Meliora: Obsessed with making a high quality product with safe ingredients, Meliora created a line of cleaning products that are good for the planet and use part of the profits to come alongside nonprofits.  As a Certified B Corporation, Meliora meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Part of the profits also go towards  Women's Voices for the Earth, who works to amplify women's voices to eliminate toxic chemicals that harm our health and communities.

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Citrus Bath Soaks


Your bath soak has healing powers for your body and for the women survivors who made it. 

About Thistle Farms: Thistle Farms exists to HEAL, EMPOWER, AND EMPLOY women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. They do this by providing safe and supportive housing, the opportunity for economic independence, and a strong community of advocates and partners. In the end, love is the most powerful force for change in the world. 


Hydrophil Toothbrush

Your sustainable toothbrush is made of fast growing bamboo and is BPA-free, 100% vegan bamboo toothbrush so you can brush your teeth & recycle your toothbrush later without any bad conscience.

About Hydrophil: Hydrophil uses natural ingredients that grow without artificial irrigation, e.g. bamboo and colors that don’t contain mineral oils or other chemical additives and that therefore don’t leave any residues in the drinking and groundwater when composted. Hydrophil products don’t contain animal products and aren’t tested on animals. All our products are fair trade because fair labour deserves fair wage. Period!

PLUS 10% of Hydrophil's profits go towards Viva Con Agua - to help provide water to the 780 million people in the world that don’t have free access to drinking water and  2.4 billion people that don’t have access to sanitary facilities 


Your postcard was hand drawn by a child trafficking survivor in Ghana. We partner with Touch a Life and their art therapy program to feature the kid's artwork on postcards. You can keep your postcard or write a note of encouragement and send it back to us using the self-addressed envelope and we'll pass it on to a survivor recovering in one of our partner safe homes. 

About Touch A Life: Touch A Life develops creative ways to bring healing and empowerment to those who are suffering, exploited, and at-risk around the world.