About  our Spring "Fresh" Theme

You know that feeling when you open up the windows for the first time and a warm breeze comes through to brush up against your face?  We're packing up the essence of that feeling and sending you 4-5 ethical, sustainable, give-back products that give you that fresh breath of air feel. 

We've only have 35 spring boxes so PRE-ORDER your "Fresh" box before they're all gone! 


PREORDER: Spring "Fresh" Arise Box

"Fresh" box for you = a whole lot of good

Your box is filled with give-back products + it adds two new products to a survivor's care package. 

When you purchase an Arise Box, you...

  • GET a box filled with ethical and beautiful products picked just for you
  • help BUILD a care package by adding 2 new products for a survivor care package.
  • SEND encouragement to a survivor with the postcard included in your Arise Box. (All postcards are sent through Arise Box to protect the privacy of survivors)

*USA and Canada shipping only