Fair Trade (Korintje) Cinnamon


Fair Trade (Korintje) Cinnamon


Add some warmth and spice to your life. And in your hot chocolate… trust me.

This cinnamon is ethical, sustainable and sustainably sourced gourmet cinnamon from farmers in Indonesia. It’s organic, non-gmo, and part of the profits go into the farming communities with basics like clean water, education, housing, and more.

Korintje Cinnamon produces a stronger flavor than its counterparts. Use it to add depth of flavor in baked goods like pies, rolls, breads and cookies, and in savory dishes like chilis and baked beans.

Makes a great holiday gift for…

  • bakers who love a good snickerdoodle

  • organic-obsessed cooks

  • explorers who want a taste of the world via spices

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