A box full of Practical goodness for you (because you want to make an impact)

+ Empowerment for human trafficking survivors (because their dreams matter)

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About this Summer’s Box

We’re diving in the world of Mermaids & Magic with this summer’s theme. If you grew up wishing you could move through the water like Arial and idolizing Madison’s beautiful tail in Splash, join us for a magical summer.

When you subscribe, you’ll get an Arise Box full of products to channel your inner mermaid and that you can use in your daily life (we’re anti-clutter here at Arise so you’ll be able to actually use everything in your box!). We use part of the profits from each sale to empower human trafficking survivors with care packages, Christmas gifts, and more!

PLUS every month this summer subscribers will get an exclusive videos from us to help you dig in and discover what makes you magical. I (Cassidy here!) am sitting down with experts and influencers to talk about how we can be inspired by mermaids to be ourselves and rediscover who we really were before someone told us who we were “supposed” to be. After all, mermaids don’t apologize for being themselves. And neither should you.

I can’t wait for you to join us for a magical summer,

~ Cassidy, Founder of The Arise Box

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