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"I love that during a time when it’s trendy to have a cause, for Arise Box it’s more than just an afterthought. Cassidy based the company around the mission of supporting survivors in safe houses, and I couldn’t be more proud to cheer them on. On top of that, it’s full of products that I’m actually excited to use!"

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"A box filled with products that do good + also support human trafficking survivors = my kryptonite.

My favorite is the post card to a survivor... I love that it gives me the opportunity to tangibly be involved in the mission behind the box – empowering survivors."

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Emily Joy

“I’m convinced that it’s not just “another” subscription box. Because not only is it brimming with beautiful, practical products, but you get to build a care package for a girl rescued from human trafficking."

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“We can be overwhelmed by the enormity of modern day slavery. Or we can take small, meaningful action steps to start changing the story.

What I really love about The Arise Box is knowing that each year, she will receive tangible love and encouragement in a care package.”

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