Giving Back with Arise

Instead of waiting for the “perfect” or “an important enough” way to make a difference in the word start in small ways today.

Start changing lives today with something as simple as an Arise subscription. Your Arise Box helps build care packages for human trafficking survivors and you get beautiful products you love using in your everyday life.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the good your subscription does…

Fighting Human Trafficking

10% of the profits from every single box are set aside to purchase shipping, products, boxes, ect for care packages. We partner with safe homes across the United States to bring a mix of practical and pampering items to survivors currently recovering.

Support Do-Good Businesses

We scour the world for businesses who support causes you care about. All the items you'll find in your box 1) are things you can use in every day life and 2) do something good in the world.

Supporting Our Small Business

Currently we’re a tiny small business… like 1 person and a handful of generous volunteers/friends that help out. We have big plans but as of right now, we are run out of a spare bedroom, we pack every box ourselves. Know that every new subscriber = a happy dance!

Fighting Trafficking

We partner with safe homes around the USA to send care packages as string-free gifts of love to survivors while they are healing.

The Arise Box exists to...

We’re here to fight the message that “you don’t matter.” No matter what darkness has tried to steal away your dreams, we’re here to remind you that who you are matters. If you consider yourself a “normal” person and have heard the message that your desire to change the world is silly or impossible… don’t believe that lie anymore. You CAN fight against injustice in the world in little everyday ways (like by supporting an ethical subscription box for example). If you’re a human trafficking survivor who was told that your dreams, personality, or ideas were less important than money/sex… that’s a lie and we need your uniqueness in this world.

YOU are a unique light in the world and we need your unique personality and ideas to make this world a better place. So let’s fight the lie of “who you are doesn’t matter” and let’s inspire dreams, hope, and a strong self-esteem in people around the world; no matter what darkness has tried to harm them.

Start with a subscription

Here's what The Arise Box family has done so far!

- Sent 140 care packages from 2016-2019 to safe homes in Missouri, Florida, Kansas, Tennessee, and a teen safe home in Colorado.

- Sent $125 worth of art-therapy supplies to children survivors in a care center in Ghana.

- In 2019 a group of survivors went on a fun-day-out to the aquarium thanks to your summer box purchases!

- Writers and experts across many fields put together a "life-hack book" included in survivor care packages which was used for book-clubs and as part of a safe home's programming.

- Provided clean water, employment for transitioning homeless, essential nutrition, books, education on sustainable farming, and more to people around the world through the products inside Arise Boxes.

Thanks to your support, we're still going!

Send Encouragement Notes to Survivors

If you want to send encouragement notes to survivors, send a postcard to PO Box 25193, Kansas City Mo 64119.

We put encouragement notes into every care package we send to survivors of human trafficking in the USA.