Fighting trafficking one small act of kindness at a time

We believe small everyday decisions can make a huge difference in the world

In fact, we believe it so much that we build a whole subscription box around that idea. So if someone is telling you that you can’t make a difference in the world in your “normal” life… we’re here to prove them wrong.

Meet the Team:

Cassidy, founder and head of whatever-needs-to-get-done

I’m Cassidy. Nice to virtually meet you!

I deeply believe that little everyday decisions can change the world. I spent so many years waiting for the “perfect,” life changing idea that would allow me to fight human trafficking… spoiler, it never came. So I started small. And so can you. When you choose to purchase from an ethical company instead of from a big box store, you change lives; the lives of the small business owners and the lives of the people who were paid a living wage in order to create your new purchase. THAT”S HUGE! And you get an amazing product that you needed/wanted anyways.

When I’m not working, I spend time with my pup, practicing aerial silks, and taking pictures.

Bailey, office dog and unofficial tissue-paper-destroyer

I’m Bailey!

I’m a tri-paw rescue who loves ripping open boxes and eating tissue when no-one’s paying attention. My favorite things include car rides to the post-office,, tummy-rubs and new adventures where I get to meet people. If we ever meet, I’m sure we’ll be besties.

Want to help?

Currently we don’t have any paid positions available (we’re still working to be able to cut a first paycheck to our founder). But if you are passionate about fighting trafficking and reminding people of their power to make a difference in the world AND you want to volunteer some time, email!

Photographer and/or model

One of our goals is to show more diversity in our photography. If you would like to help us with unboxing pictures let Cassidy know! Whether you want to take pictures yourself or meet up with Cassidy to be a unboxing model, we’d love to work with you!

Human Trafficking Reporter

There is so much information about human trafficking and we need your help finding latest news. Anything from prevention and recovery to new legislations around the world, we want to know. You can send us information and articles on Instagram or email Cassidy!

Social Media Ambassador

If you want to help spread the word about The Arise Box, we’d love to have you help out on social media! This would mean posting pictures/video of your unboxing to share with your friends about Arise!