Mini Box - Witchy
Mini Box - Witchy
Mini Box - Witchy

Mini Box - Witchy

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You live intentionally and breathe in magic. You whisper hopes and dreams to the moon and the moon listens. Craft every-day magic with this box made especially for you. 

What's included: 

- A warm black nail polish with holographic flakes scattered to resemble the night sky on your nails. In direct light (sunlight, office lights and phone flash), those flakes reflect a subtle rainbow of color.

- Love Potion Tea to bring more love in your life. It's the perfect blend of rose notes with grounding sweetness of raison.  

- A gold embossed constellation notebook to hold your mantras, thoughts, or spells 

- Add on a black Celestial" candle for a non-traditional fall scent of woods and hints of bright citrus for balance  

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